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Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year's Resolution: Fruits!

I hate being idle, but sometimes, it's a good thing for me.

Right now I'm bumming at my mom's house. I've been spending hours pouring over youtube videos, like I'm trying to find myself in other people's messages. The funny thing is, I think it's working! As much as people hate on each other on youtube, there are some really inspirational people who are just trying to get their message out there, and they do it! It's within these messages that I'm finding pieces of myself. Here's some people who have been helping me find my way:

Freelee aka The Banana Girl

Harley aka Durianriders

Recently found this lady, Elena aka Vegleteinspire

I've been attracted to fruitarianism for a long time. I first learned about fruitariainism when I first heard about breatharianism from a friend of mine. While I do not at all think that being a breatharian is a good idea (this is a whole other subject), researching breatharianism is what brought me to fruitarianism. There's a "weaning off" method out there to breatharianism, where you go from a Standard American Diet to vegetarian to vegan to raw foods to fruitarian to ultimately living on prana. Fasting is a part of this process as well. I do believe I experienced a breatharian state for 2 weeks – I had incredible energy levels, my singing voice was improved, my yoga practice was enhanced, my meditations deeper, my overall happiness was unbelievable. Perhaps this was a prana experience, or perhaps it was simply a fasting high. I neither ate nor drank during this period. However, after those 2 weeks is when breatharianism turned into disordered eating – probably because I was discovering what it was like to be on a binge-starve cycle. ANYWAY – what I learned from all this is that yes, there may be a spiritual experience called a breatharian state – as I may have experienced it – but I do not believe that this state is supposed to sustain life. It is a spiritual experience and nothing more, and perhaps could last longer for other individuals. Nonetheless, the body is a machine, like a car, and needs fuel. Prana is not nearly as accessible as fruit, and when fruit is so readily available and so perfect – well, it's the more logical option.

So many beautiful fruits...

Mother Nature knows what best for us!

So many colors, how could you ever get bored??

That was a rant, but I'm so thankful to be sorting out my thoughts on this. As I poured over these youtube videos, I just kept thinking – so many people are doing this, and it's so simple – if I just use the mind power I used when I was starving myself (but in a much more positive, uplifting way), I could really make some bounds and do some great good for my body. My goal isn't to be 100% fruitarian – maybe someday, but not for 2013. My goal is to eat mostly mono-fruit meals as much as possible, and to always eat a 100% vegan diet. This is the path that I think will be most beneficial to my health and the least socially isolating. I think it's healthy to be flexible and not treat a diet like a religion – "I ate something other than a fruit today so I'm sinner!" is not a good mindset. Rather, stick to the mono-meals, and live life as it comes.

I'm so excited to embark on this path. The time feels right. So many other people are doing it – there's no reason I can't! As soon as I get home from visiting family, I am stocking up on bananas, dates, and all the other seasonal fruits I want! I will be in sweet fruity heaven and my body will thank me for it.

I will always wonder what it would be like to be at my ideal body weight and have the perfect body. That is a HUGE thing I need to keep in mind. Fruit is perfect, so it results in a perfect body. Isn't that what everyone wants?? It's what I want – and to have the energy to go for hours on end, to be happy, to be healthy, to love, and live life to the fullest! This is what fruit has to offer me. And that is why I am doing this.
Fruit is freedom. Fruit is health. Fruit is life. Fruit is perfection.

Take care lovelies xoxo

Kayla Marie
(a photo of me for you since it's been awhile!)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I just got home from my first big fruit haul!

Bananas: $2.96
Strawberries: $3.98
Golden kiwi: $5.98
Plums: $5.98
Medjool Dates: $8.48
Fuji Apples: $6.79
Blueberries: $5.98
Nectarines: $6.98
Total: $47.13

Tomorrow starts a week of fruitarianism! After that, I plan on doing a banana island (eating bananas only for a week). I want to enjoy a variety fruits before I try eating only one type of fruit. What a yummy week this will be :)

Another reason I decided to not simply jump into doing the banana island is because Freelee says that how you eat before the island is most likely what you return to. With that logic, if I'm fruitarian before the island, I'll have an easier time staying fruitarian after the island :)

This is my new friend Coconut! He will be joining me on my fruity journey. I'm sure he won't mind eating lots of bananas with me during my banana week :)

Something else really cool is that my two roommates (both meat-eaters) have agreed to eat one banana meal a day with me during the banana island! How cool is that??

Also, thanks to those of you that have answered my poll! And to Ayden for being my first follower :)

Love and fruit,

Kayla Marie

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Buying Fruit in Bulk

I just found out that Sam's Club is an amazing place to buy fruit in bulk! 
3 pounds of bananas for $1.48
2 pounds of dates for $8.48
3 pounds of kiwi for $5.98
3.5 pounds of plums for $5.98
I can't wait to go buy lots of fruit at my local Sam's Club tomorrow!! :)

I want to take a photo like Freelee, surrounded by fruit!!

My Fruity List for August!

  • watermelon
  • apples
  • strawberries
  • cantaloupe
  • cucumbers
  • blueberries
  • peaches
  • apricots
  • kiwi
  • figs
  • mangoes
  • raspberries
  • plums
  • peppers
  • tomatoes
This is a list of fruits that are in season (in the US, anyway!) during the month of August and that I plan on stocking up on. 

I am currently vegan, meaning I eat a plant-based diet with NO animal products. I am leaning towards fruitarianism, but for now that is simply an ideal for me and I am currently aiming to eat a high-carb low-fat vegan diet (find out more about this diet at 30bananasaday.com!) I have not cut out grains or cooked foods yet but eating high-carb lately has given me so much energy! I have been eating mostly fruit but I run out of it so fast! I need to start buying in bulk!!

If anyone knows of any good places to buy fruit in bulk, please, let me know!! :)

I am planning to do a banana island in the near future (eating only bananas for a period of time). Once I have acquired at least 210 bananas, I will go for it! That is 30 bananas a day for 7 days. My goal is to eat 25 a day but the 30 gives me extra just in case! A big part of fruitarianism/a raw food diet is never restricting one's calories (something I have been guilty of doing). Fruit is an amazing thing because the more you eat, the more it benefits you!

Fruit and love,

Kayla Marie